Matt's love for music started back in the summer of '84 after buying the KISS album "Destroyer" at a yard sale for .25 cents, but he really fell in love with the guitar a year later, at age 9, after seeing Angus Young (AC/DC), a guy about his size at the time, playing on MTV. From that point he knew that playing music was going to be priority number 1!

His love of music only widened from there with bands like the YES, The Who, Stone Temple Pilots, Led Zeppelin, The Cars, Rush and many others. He made the switch to bass after realizing that EVERYONE wanted to play guitar and that good bass players were few and far between. Already a fan of the instrument, he pulled from some of his favorites including Chris Squier, Geddy Lee, John Entwistle, Benjamin Orr, and Sting.

After years of backup vocal duty, Matt decided to give it a shot and come out front. MOVING IN STEREO was the perfect chance to pay homage to one of his favs, the late Benjamin Orr. So far, so good!"